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Ping and baby llama Kazuko

The Girls

Llamas in the Raw evolved from our years working  in textiles and clothing design coupled with a yearning for a more natural lifestyle.  Our clothing designs were traditional and simple, made almost exclusively from cotton.  What a joy it is to step further back in the process of clothing design and produce our own textiles.

Following our emigration from England and 7 years of self-discovery in a wild and remote area of northern British Columbia you will find us now in the mild, bountiful and more populated Okanagan region in southern BC.  

Our love affair with Llamas began in 2005 after learning of the sorry plight of a large ‘unruly’ male.  He is now a delightful character commanding his own herd, which has since expanded to 14 and includes several more rescued animals.  They supply the fibre and we supply the food and health care.

Big Dreams

Our dream is to promote the use of natural fibers in clothing in a big way and restore some of the knowledge that vanished with the advent of synthetic fibers and  mass production.  It’s time to get down to earth and tend to our roots.


The Fibre Arts Bootcamp is just one small stepping stone along the road to promote natural fibres and how to convert them into useable textiles.

‘Spinning your own yarn is certainly relaxing, but it wasn’t exactly exciting, that is until I decided to  toss the ‘rules’ out of the window and explore the infinite variety of possibilities that spinning presents.  That’s what I love to show others and that’s what you’ll discover at the Fibre Arts Bootcamp workshops.’

Lynne and David love working together on their 20 acre farm near Enderby in British Columbia, designing and producing everything for Llamas in the Raw.

Llama on halter About Us

Photo - Corrinne Milsom-Mann

Emily Milsom clothing Emily Milsom Clothing Designers Emily Milsom of Norwich emily milsom designs Llama Head of the Herd

Head of the Herd ‘TomBurke’

A previous incarnation as clothing designers







Ping with her baby Kazuko

….and me








….and me

David Chapman

Lynne Milsom

The Boys

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